Sunday, July 5, 2009

About Us

Love & Squalor is an upstart media group forged in the flames of the internets from the combined brain power of masked young, fabulous, and broke bloggers M & Wilde.Dash. We're a little bit country, and a lot of rock and roll, hiding out in the center of the USA. We give it to you straight without the pandering restraints of genre, creed, or film studio. We're pretentious enough to adorn ourselves with Fellini pictures and talk about Lars Von Trier like proper fangirls, but willing to admit we think Josie and the Pussycats was way underrated and that we are super dorks down with watching a seven hour director's cut of Watchmen.

Once you've had your fill of down-to-earth movie criticism at Love & Squalor, read M's more personal delving into media at What's the Use of a Book, and catch up on pop culture detritus (without completely succumbing to tabloid superficiality) at Pop Candy Arcade. You can also reach us here

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