Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Under 250: The Girlfriend Experience

The buzz surrounding Steven Soderbergh's low-budget RedOne shot The Girlfriend Experience made it sound like a super erotic work of sexual controversy. Starring adult-film actress Sasha Grey as a cold and bland high-priced escort, let me assure you that this in spite of its subject matter, this is a piece less about sex and more about business. While the film looks great, artfully capturing the Manhattan haunts of the elite through an almost documentarian lens, don't be surprised if the content leaves you totally cold. Soderbergh has a big statement to make about society and our current state of affairs, there's a lot going on feels almost crushingly real. All sorts of floating notions about human commodity, sexual exchange, recession, and manufactured proximity. A "girlfriend experience" after all, refers to the hiring of an escort not necessarily for sex, but for the feeling of having someone close. This is all interesting in theory, as is the notion that as Grey's character (who is in a committed relationship) gets deeper into her career she becomes more entangled in her temporary trysts than her real attachments. Yet, all things considered, the film drifts between business meanings and discussion of capital with nary an attention-grabbing hook. The characters are vapid, and Sasha Grey's partially improvised dialogue feels amateurish while her face registers little to no emotion. The Girlfriend Experience drifts like a corporate Godard experiment. In future years I'm sure it'll resonate as an esoteric artifact of our times, but right now it's a mediocre distraction. See it for the ideas it brings to the table, but keep your expectations in check.

(extra points awarded for merit and ambition)

The Girlfriend Experience. dir. Steven Soderbergh. starring Sasha Grey, Chris Santos. Rated R. Running Time: 78 minutes.

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