Thursday, December 17, 2009

Under 250: Dead Snow

I honestly didn't think a Norwegian Nazi-zombie film could be anything short of awesome. It sounded incredible, the perfect mixture of exploitation and camp horror with a villain admittedly more terrifying than your average zombie. I couldn't have been more wrong. The film pilfers mercilessly from the genre, giving us a parade of cliches, schlocky sight gags that never seem fresh and idiotic entertainment that veers towards surprisingly boring. Seven medical students head to a mountain cabin for snowmobiling and Twister and soon learn that (surprise!) they're not alone. What happens next, i wonder? Zombies from the Third Reich, chainsaws, self-amputation, intestinal ropes, the requisite amounts of bad jokes and bloodshed. Between the bland cinematography, the sort of lame humor (lost in translation, maybe?), and the stone faced cast, even the gore couldn't keep my interest. I couldn't shake the feeling that this unique class of villain was being entirely wasted on this film. Someone try again, please, this time put them in a ski lodge circa 1950. Snore.

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