Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reel Round-Up: Ritchie, Worthington, Sundance, and the casting of two Conans

Guy Ritchie leaves/halts DC comics Lobo for second Sherlock Holmes. Sadly, I could have been down with a manic Ritchie retelling of this somewhat strange character.

Sam Worthington continues round of epic leading man roles, this time as Vlad Dracula in Dracula: Year Zero. My mind cannot reconcile its current Worthington crush with what may be disastrous, gravelly voiced Australian miscasting.

IMDB gives you a the lowdown on all that's happening in Park City. Rotten Tomatoes has one too.

The makers of the last two Harry Potter films are feeling inadequate and beginning to see Avatar dollar signs. Clash of the Titans is being used as a 3D transfer experiment to pave the way. *sigh*

Another pretty glimpse at Tron Legacy. It's not much, but I'll take it.

The Killer Inside Me, directed by Michael Winterbottom, is getting major flack due to the graphic violence depicted. The tabloids are claiming star Jessica Alba had to walk out, which my or may not be true. Jezebel has something to say about the whole debacle and gives a nice rundown of the facts. Have you seen it? Comment and tell us what you think.

Meet your new Conan the Barbarian. Twilight fans, try not to send too much hate mail to the lover of Lisa Bonet who beat out sparkley vampire Kellan Lutz for the role.

Speaking of sparkley vampires...Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, and Sean Penn are signing on for the screen retelling of Sara Gruen's best-selling NaNoWriMo novel, Water for Elephants.

I must see this. Please make it happen. Tilda Swinton says, "Yes, yes, yes, absolutely," to playing jilted NBC host Conan O'Brien at his suggestion if they ever make a Leno/Letterman film about him.

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