Friday, February 19, 2010

Criterion on Hulu!


One of my magnificent obsessions (that's right, it's 9 AM and I'm dropping Douglas Sirk references) has long been the seemingly endless stream of remastered classic & arthouse releases from the Criterion Collection. In my mind that company is doing a great service to the world, and therefore I don't care if they want to rake me over the coals for a Godard DVD. I may whine about it (a little), I may hold out, but eventually they will get my money and I will shelve my lovely new addition in alphabetical order and stare at my film library lovingly.

Where am I going with this?  I love the Criterion Collection.  And lately, they're starting to give back something in return.  Awhile back they started offering up a few free films in a "monthly" (though it's updated with little consistancy) via the Auteurs.  Just a couple months back, many of their prints of their most beloved titles were added to the streaming on-demand content for Netflix.  Now they've gone one step further and have opened up a Hulu channel currently featuring the first 6 films in the Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman series. I can't say that I have time to watch the Zatoichi series online.  But...I can tell you that I'm totally psyched to see what happens next (though I suspect that my hounding of local libraries to invest in things like Sweet Movie will be something that I'll never stop doing.  Is it so wrong, library, to invest in weird transgressive shit that only I will watch?  Is it?  No.  Archive it and save it for the rainy day that I come around).  Subtitled samurai action! Now free on Hulu! 

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