Saturday, March 13, 2010

82 Women: What Would You Do?

"This film was born six weeks ago, over dinner, as the filmmakers discussed Kathryn Bigelow's nomination and wondered why there hadn't been more women nominated in the category of best director. They spent the rest of the meal on a blackberry looking up articles about the Oscars, Bigelow, and the 3 women who have received the honor previously.
The next week they set out to speak with 82 women -- one for every Oscar -- and asked them the following questions:

If you had an unlimited budget to make a film, what would you make? 

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? 

Which women have inspired you?

Interviewees include Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple (1976: Harlan County USA, 1991: American Dream), actress Chyna Layne (Precious) and producer Neda Armian (Rachel Getting Married)."

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