Monday, March 8, 2010

Field Trip: Cinema St. Louis Official Oscar Party Mar.7th, 2010

While Wilde.Dash was live blogging here at Love & Squalor, I was away at the Cinema St. Louis Oscar Party, twittering my little heart out (until I dropped my ancient phone in ketchup during the obituaries and it decided that it didn't want to work for a bit). While the Oscars themselves were a big disappointment (Hurt Locker? Are you kidding me!!!! And the walking, the walking! It added at least an hour to the program) the party was totally rocking.

Cinema St. Louis rented out the restaurant at the Clayton Crowne Plaza Hotel (that's just a few minutes outside of downtown for you non-residents and no, it was not featured in Up in the Air) and kept the beer flowing from sponsor Stella Artois throughout the night, with food supplied from the always delicious local fav Pasta House Co. Owner Kim Tucci was there to keep the commercial breaks exciting with a variety of auctions including fun George Clooney and Johnny Depp signed memorabilia, in addition to a raffle that yours truly ended up winning. They also gave away cards that had each nominee on it, and if your nominee won, then you got to go pick up some prizes from books, DVDs, to tee shirts. It was a great event for movie lovers to meet and mingle, professionally done and thankfully well executed so the over 150 attendees could forget how boring the show actually was. Thanks to Brian and Chris for letting me in even though I didn't make the correct RSVP date! Great party guys!

Christoph for the win.
Keeping track. 
Crossed fingers for Colin Firth...sorry Colin, should have crossed my toes too. 
And then they take away the win for White Ribbon...

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  1. Does anyone else see creepy faces in the Barbara Walters shot?


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