Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reel Round-Up: Storms Brew Between Critics and Studios, Vampires and Werewolves

Gwyneth is set to play Marlene Dietrich. Like her GOOP newsletter, this irritates me despite its good intentions.

"'Vanessa [Paradis, Johnny Depp's current live in love] plays the French feminist Simone de Beauvoir and I play her lover Nelson Algren, who is real macho,' says Depp, 46." This sounds quite lovely and awesome.

Love It! In Joaquin Phoenix's first film after his rap "retirement" he's playing Edgar Allen Poe.

NBC has a Bridget Jones series in the works. Could work, could have run its course after the fiasco that was The Edge of Reason.

Clueless' Amy Herkerling sinks her teeth into the Twilight fad. This interview with Krysten Ritter starts off the buzz, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Equally somewhat-kinda-promising-sure-I'll-see-it is Tim Burton's Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, based off the upcoming novel. Remember Tim, make this one count, learn something from Alice in Wonderland.

Mel Gibson's "last movie" is about Vikings and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  I don't think I need to comment here do I? Thor seems a bit more promising.

There could have been a Black Widow movie before her appearance in this summer's Iron Man 2, but Aeon Flux's disastrous showing at the box office tanked the project. Politics are a bitch in any business, but something tells me this wouldn't have been much better than Halle Berry's Catwoman.

Hugo Weaving may be the first cast in Captain America.

The Independent examines the strange dichotomy of Hollywood and homosexuality

Michael Cera as Gilligan in a Gilligan's Island movie. Oh yes, this is happening. Let's hope they do something totally crazy. Then it just might be something totally awesome.

Zoolander 2 gets the green light during New York Fashion Week. Sure. Why not?

Neil Patrick Harris has been cast as the lead Smurf in the upcoming Smurfs: The Movie, "a mix of live action and animation." I don't know why this movie is happening, or how anyone could pull this off with a straight face.

There is a John Hughes script running around out there, and people are interested, but no word on who or when it might be made.

One film critic finds himself face to face with the film studios over Greenberg. A fascinating read for anyone in the industry and anyone who wants to know how it all really works.

Variety gets sued by filmmakers, claiming the review defamed the film and prevented it from getting distribution. 

Women buy more film tickets than men, and no, not because of Nancy Meyers, Nicolas Sparks, or Nora Ephron.

In the wake of Corey Haim's death this week, Jezebel asks why we are so hard on child stars.

They also ponder, as do I, why everyone gets all bent out of shape about KStew's scowling on the red carpet. 

Leonardo DaVinci, code maker, painter, and genius is now a Warner Bros. action hero.

Sparkly Vampire Saga #3 now has a trailer complete with clouds that look like the Nothing in Neverending Story:

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