Saturday, May 1, 2010

Required Reading: Roger Ebert Explains Why 3D Sucks

Other than Avatar, I have found absolutely no joy from any 3D experience I've had. If anything, I've found extreme displeasure from the combo of insanely high prices, headaches, and poor transfer quality (Alice in Wonderland anyone?). Because he's my favorite film reviewer (even when we disagree which happens a lot), Roger Ebert has taken the time to fully explain all the reasons we should be boycotting this newest trend in money making. Read it, pass it on to your friends, and maybe, just maybe, Harry Potter will be in 2D only this year.


  1. For the most part, I'm with Ebert. I don't think every other film needs to be released in 3D and especially don't believe it should be done after the fact. Yet, I have to admit I kind of enjoy it and the way it has been integrated into films like Avatar. I will say, the best instances outside of that have been on the animated features like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and How to Train Your Dragon. Fact is, of course, those movies would have been charmers regardless...

  2. Yes I would chalk it all up to the films themselves being charming, not the 3D. I don't think the 3D really did anything that special in How to Train Your Dragon, the movie just rocked on its own.


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