Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stylista: Mary of "Party Girl"

1. Betsey Johnson Stretch Beatle Ring, (http://bit.ly/cISbae), 2. Oscar de la Renta  Silk Organza Ruffle Blouse (http://bit.ly/9ecFGy), 3. Jason Wu, Velvet Cuffed Shorts (http://bit.ly/cx4nI6), 4. Knit Bag, Blumarine (http://www.blumarine.com/),  5. Lanvin Leopard Trench (http://bit.ly/caenxD), 6. Shabd Aurora Tights (http://bit.ly/cHdZix),  7. Christian Louboutin Suede Metallic-Square Pump, (http://bit.ly/bicGxa)

So, we're starting a new feature.  Actually, technically, we started talking about this months ago, but it's taken that long to get willed into actual life.  It's called Stylista and yeah, much like that short lived CW reality show, it's all about playing fashion editor for Love & Squalor.  We uncover cinema's style icons and then waste a whole lot of time putting together an outfit influenced by them and collaging things in Photoshop.  Yeah.  See? It's a big time suck.  But hopefully worth it.

First up?  Mary (Parker Posey) of the 1995 indie comedy Party Girl.  Mary is a hapless New York City twenty-something who lives funemployed and generally maxed out, always relying on her librarian godmother to bail her out of trouble with her finances and the law.  Mary's 90's club scene wardrobe is an eclectic blend of patterns, bright colors, and cultural influences; Party Girl is the go-to cult comedy for millions of girls earning their MLS degrees.  It plays out like a cheap sleepover movie and is a lesser gem for anyone with a renewed interest in the 90's redux.  Mary is that girl whose sartorial sensibilities directly reflect her personality.  No, seriously.  I couldn't get away with most of this, but no one's questioning it on her.  Mary just owns it.  She picks up falafel in patterned tights and velvet shorts, lives it up in mismatched gloves and sequined t-shirts, and learns the dewey decimal system in neon layered tops.


  1. I wish I could unsee that trailer, and yet I feel it needs to be preserved.

  2. It is a pretty dreadful trailer. Really, though, you're just jealous you don't have a personality like a neon exclamation point. Don't lie.

  3. haha! thanks for making my day - parker posey/mary was my style icon in high school!


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