Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Under 250: Daybreakers

With pop culture so heavily saturated with a certain kind of shirtless vamp, it's hard to remember a time when the bloodsuckers were just plain monsters.  Daybreakers, a sci-fi horror romp in glorious hi-def shades of blue, serves as a partial reminder of simpler times.  No heartache, no reflections; lots of haunted house scares, bat wings, and blood geysers. Blending zombie-style plague mythos with fangs and a quest for some last shred of humanity, the film is set on an Earth in which humans are a species near extinction.  The planet is dominated by an infected race of vampires who harvest and hunt the remaining population.  Ethan Hawke plays a conflicted creature on the hunt for a substitute under the corporate sponsorship of a crooked, appropriately-cast Sam Neil.  Daybreakers is a glossy action flick with just enough thought-provoking cultural commentary to keep it afloat between the cheap thrills.  The first 45-minutes are a blast; part GATTACA, part Universal horror.  Unfortunately, the second act tends towards the drawn out and labored.  Yet, in spite of this, Daybreakers is an inventive Hollywood B-movie with  enough entertaining bits to keep the subpar effects at bay.  Worth a look for fans of non-sparkly vampires.

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