Friday, September 10, 2010

At the Movies Returns, Door Closes for Us to Take Over....

Alright, so M. and I weren't exactly planning to run in and fill the gap left for televised movie criticism once At the Movies went off the air.  I mean, we would do it in a heartbeat, but our show would probably wind up being more along the lines of Wayne's World  (Pssst....IFC, MTV, whatever...give us a half hour and a wardrobe and we'll ramble your ears off).   Anyhow, for those bemoaning the battle of the critics late night on Saturdays or early on Sunday mornings; your problems are solved.   Roger Ebert is bringing back At the Movies, and this time: it's personal.  Ebert is stamping his name on this run, and while his health issues prevent him from getting in the hot seat personally, he has hand picked Christy Lemire of the Associated Press and Elvis Mitchell of National Public Radio as his successors.  There will also be a string of rotating commentators and co-hosts plucked from the worlds or print journalism and the blogosphere.

In the official statement posted to his blog, Ebert had this to say on the latest incarnation of At the Movies:
"I believe that by returning to its public roots, our new show will win better and more consistent time slots in more markets. American television is swamped by mindless gossip about celebrities, and I'm happy this show will continue to tell viewers honestly if the critics think a new movie is worth seeing." [Suntimes]
The copyrighted Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down will make their triumphant return when the show premieres nationally on WTTW Chicago in January 2011.

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