Thursday, September 16, 2010

Late Night Trailers: The Tourist

We also have a trailer for the Johnny Depp + Angelina Jolie vehicle The Tourist.  It looks, oddly, a bit like a dolled up version of Knight & Day; fun, but not really anything to get worked up about.  Jolie looks like she dropped in off the set of Dynasty to me...significantly older than her 35 years, a little skeletal, with Joan Collins face and something super unnatural going on with her hair.  I'll admit it doesn't seem they're doing Depp many favors in terms of styling either.  Judging by the trailer, it's hard to tell where he's going with the character.  Is he playing it straight?  No.  Is it veering towards old Hollywood though the other actors think they're in a Euro thriller? Maybe.  It feels like there are discrepancies in the trailer, as though the film already can't decide what it wants to be.   The Tourist is slated to be released December 10, await our review...

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