Thursday, September 30, 2010

RIP: Tony Curtis

Beloved actor and 50's movie heartthrob Tony Curtis passed away Wednesday of cardiac arrest in his Las Vegas home.  He was 85.

Curtis is perhaps best known for his role in 1959's Some Like it Hot, in which he donned drag alongside Jack Lemmon to play a musician on the run from the mob.  While he excelled as a comedic actor, Curtis eagerly tackled dramatic roles as well with stand out performances in Sweet Smell of Success, Houdini, and Spartacus, among others.

Born in tough times to Hungarian Jewish immigrants, Curtis overcame the obstacles of a Depression-era childhood and WWII military service to find success during Hollywood's "golden " age.

Married six times, Tony Curtis is survived by his wife and five children from previous marriages (including actress Jamie Lee Curtis).  [source]

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