Monday, October 25, 2010

31 Days Halloween: The Church

I'm trying really hard not to talk about Dario Argento (save for my Halloween posting in just 7 days) as, if I let myself go, nearly all my posts would be his movies. The Church, one of the spooky movies I have to watch every Halloween, is directed by Michele Soavi. So, I can pretend that it doesn't really count even though Argento produced/wrote the film and it stars his (then young) daughter Asia.  In college, my major was history, it's now my career and Mr. Argento seems to have a penchant for us archivists, librarians, and related nerdy types in his films.  This one in particular, in which a librarian and a fresco/building restorationist unlock a satanic mass grave hidden under a Gothic cathedral makes me extremely nervous to be alone with the stack of books in my ancient office.  But even if you have yet to reach my level of nerdom both professionally and personally, you'll appreciate the clever set-up, the horrific imagery, and the strange comedy that comes from the over-the-top scenes and the hysterical dubbing (on certain versions) that Soavi neatly balances.  Laugh, scream, get seriously freaked out, and for the love of God remember that if there's a big cross over something with a nasty warning in Latin you should probably just leave it alone.
You can access the trailer here. I can't find one that doesn't autoplay, and I don't want to get you in trouble at work.

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