Sunday, October 10, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Antichrist

For literally the past year now, I have extolled the virtues of Lars von Trier's Antichrist.  I'm sure anyone who's done their share of reading this particular blog (as well as all of my dear real life friends) is 100% sick of my defensive, awed ramblings on the controversial hyper-drama.  Whatever.  Here I go again*.  Antichrist is, as previously stated, the most effective psychological horror film I have ever seen.  Truly dark performances from Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe mine the fragile state of a couple overwhelmed with grief and guilt so pervasive it manifests itself via violently destructive tendencies.  The fear it offers is one rooted in the unpredictability of its characters.  The film does not offer the comfort of limitations in any form.    It's not a product of Hollywood, or marked with a standard MPAA rating.  It's at the same time humanly quite sad and immensely depraved; horrifying in a way that is not fun, but disturbing.  Antichrist leaves an impact on its viewers.  I loved it for the merits of its art.  It's a beautiful, visually arresting film.  That combined with its actual content makes for a piece of work that is truly haunting.

I had to post the scene below because it creeps M. out.  Out of context, it's kind of amusing.  In context...houses became haunted.

*Dear Criterion Collection: please send me a copy of this when it is released on blu-ray.  I would be happy to talk about it more (again)  at length. 


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  3. Fine pictures.This is a bold, beautiful journey into the dark side of the soul that leaves you with many questions. But it is a film that will not leave you.



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