Tuesday, October 12, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: The Birds

It might be sacrilege to admit this, but, when it comes to the work of Alfred Hitchcock, I've always been of the opinion that Psycho is tremendously overrated.  It's one of those films that I have respect for, but don't particularly enjoy.  My Hitchcock favorites are easily Rebecca and The Birds (oddly enough, both based on works written by Daphne du Maurier (as was M.'s last pick, Don't Look Now)), the first of which is often not mentioned in the discussion of the director, the latter of which too frequently gets the brush off as a sort of silly  trifle.  The Birds, while tremendously fun, is far from a silly trifle.  If you've seen it, you know better than to brush it off as such.  If you haven't, you've been depriving yourself of an all around classic.  The Birds is, like many a Hitchcock film,  a sophisticated piece of tightly wound suspense only this time, the real, physical presence and threat of its villain hovers (quite literally) like a black cloud over every scene.  A technical wonder, The Birds gets under your skin in a way that's unexpected. There is something quite terrifying about threats rendered by nature, particularly when those threats are manifested out of what we usually take for granted as quite harmless.  Why have the birds turned on us?  What's driven them to mania?  The lack of an answer, and the severity of the aerial attacks, is enough to make you wary of migrating flocks the way Jaws made folks scared to get in the water.  Watch it and then take a walk in the park.  I dare you not to wonder if the sparrows are up to something.

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