Sunday, October 3, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: The Brothers Grimm

The pure, original Grimm fairy tales, without the luster and polish of Disney are subtlety frightening, twisted, and yet still magical, the same qualities that are shared in every Terry Gilliam movie. The Brothers Grimm, one of Gilliam’s least well-received films doesn’t get half the credit it deserves. Giddy, manic, and lusciously photographed and imagined, the film is fun, while maintaining just the right amount of creepiness (aided mostly by Monica Bellucci’s demonic performance). Heath Ledger is at his most endearing as the wimpier and smarter brother of the Grimm pair, while Matt Damon is only slightly miscast, but not enough to ruin the magic that Gilliam weaves as the brothers learn that the fairy tales they’ve been collecting might be true, and are forced to turn their faux demon hunting skills to work in the real forests of Germany.

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