Thursday, October 14, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Candyman

I remember seeing stills from Candyman when I was little and being positively freaked out.  When I was younger, images of a man covered in bees with an exposed rib cage were not something I wanted to see.  The only thing more frightening than this, for me, was the trailer for Bram Stoker's Dracula, which I swear to you...I absolutely swear, was inappropriately placed before the theatrical run of Aladdin.  Of course, Bram Stoker's Dracula isn't exactly a frightening film, and that childhood fear was coupled with a keen interest in the going ons of that movie.  That said, I conquered it in my mid-teen years.  Candyman, however, went forgotten only to be viewed for the first time last year, in the middle of the night on Halloween, with more than half the party already asleep around me.  Um, let me tell you some stuff about Candyman.  The film is about a graduate student (Virginia Madsen) whose dissertation is about urban legends.  Her focus is on a Chicago supernatural killer called Candyman, who is summoned by the repetition of his name in the mirror and who lurks around Cabrini Green (that's an infamous, dangerous project, for those outside Chi-town).  Our protagonist is a pigheaded, naive little white girl, who thinks she can march around the slums of the city without consequence.  The fear comes not only from the monstrous existence of the Candyman, but from her insistence on going places she has been told (and threatened) not to go.  When I watched it, I was in the midst of a graduate degree...from the very campus the film is set on.  You know what's worse than watching a horror movie that's actually kind of freaky?  Yeah, it's watching a freaky horror movie that takes place where you are every day.  Places I wasn't thrilled about being after this movie: campus parking lots. Nope. Not doing it.  You don't have to have experienced the locales, however, to find this film creepy.  The story works on several levels, as do the make-up and effects.  The moral of the story is: you should really watch Candyman.

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