Monday, October 11, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Don't Look Now

Best known for a graphic love scene that may or may not have actually been carried out, Don't Look Now is sadly overlooked for its less controversial yet important assets. Donald Sutherland’s nakedness aside, it’s one of the scariest, highest quality psychological and paranormal thrillers ever made. Also starring Julie Christie, the film follows the dying marriage of a couple still reeling from the accidental drowning of their young daughter. On a business trip to Venice (he specializes in Churches), the events of the past year come back to haunt the couple as they each begin to have visions, and encounter sisters that seem much more like the Fates than British tourists. Subtle and simple, the events unfold in a relaxed manner that draws you in and only heightens your connection to the characters, their pain, and their terror, elegant, eloquent, and yet unsettling. 

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