Tuesday, October 26, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Ginger Snaps

Two suicide-obsessed sisters discover that, actually, it is possible for teenager-dom to be even more difficult than it already is.  When Ginger is bitten by a werewolf, the bonds of sisterhood become strained as she drifts away and begins to transform in more ways than one.  Her sister, Brigitte, is left to reconcile her love for her sister (and only friend) with her fear of the monster Ginger has become.  Where films like Jennifer's Body have dabbled with monster as catty behavioral metaphor, Ginger Snaps is perhaps the most successful of the adolescent transformation flicks.  Via lycanthropy, Ginger Snaps explores adolescence's sharpest growing pains; most notably, the rifts created as friends (or siblings) grow up and apart.  This is a clever little Canadian film aided by the believability of its two leads (Emily Perkins & Katharine Isabelle) and the strength of its story. It's a truly effective horror comedy with creature effects that are just about right.  Before the untapped lust of Twilight, Ginger Snaps was taking your angst and alienation and devouring it. Whole.

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