Thursday, October 7, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Mulholland Dr.

You could really insert any David Lynch film into a Halloween countdown (The Lost Highway and Twin Peaks: A Fire Walk With Me would be my next choices) and call it a day, as each is disturbing and lingering in its own way. But Mulholland Dr., one of his more ambiguous films, is the one that nearly can’t be explained on the surface by even the most die-hard and pretentious of film students (not that they won't try). Below that surface, the film is a visceral snarl with anxiety and vague terror that hits you on such a primal level it’s hard not to think of it for days after, no matter how many times you’ve viewed it. It's one of few films to truly capture and recreate the experience of dreaming, and the paradox: You'll find yourself confused and afraid, but finish the film unable to look away, developing a true emotional understanding of it as opposed to a logical one. 

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