Saturday, October 23, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Night Watch

For all the vampire movies out there, few have the masterful atmosphere of Night Watch. A Russian movie with a Russian setting in the Russian language, presented in grungy and visceral cinematography, it feels the way a proper, authentic vampire movie should. But despite all the Eastern European vibes, you can forget Bela Lugosi as the film speeds through at a frenetic pace, a little bit 300 and a little bit Matrix, littered with creative and stunning imagery. The first part of a trilogy (Day Watch the sequel isn't quite as impressive), Night Watch sets up the apocalyptic battle forming between the forces of "Darkness" and "Light," who have worked for centuries to find a balance and protect a long standing truce, that as suspected the Darkness people don't really stick to. As a newly discovered member of the Light, Anton learns the ropes and works to protect those close to him as the end of the world is close at hand. Refreshingly creative, cool, and gorgeous to watch, it's a great pleasure to see some real vampire action that involves minimal sparkle and gooeyness and instead goes straight for the heart both philosophically and physically. Let's hope the vampire craze gets film studios excited enough to finish the trilogy and finally film the finale Twilight Watch (not to be confused with KStew and RPatts).

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