Saturday, October 16, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Re-Animator

I have a promotional postcard on the wall near my desk for Re-Animator with the tagline the reads "Herbert West has a perfectly good head on his shoulders...and another one in the dish on his desk."  It's great, and in some ways, so is Re-Animator itself, but it's one of those movies that always seems better in retrospect than during the actual viewing.  Based on the H.P. Lovecraft story "Herbert West - Reanimator", the movie follows an overzealous young scientist who succeeds in resurrecting the corpse of his creepshow dead professor.  The side effects, as it turns out, are pretty bad.  What follows can only be described as the makings of pure cult horror: out-and-out gore in its most frivolous, shiny red trappings.  Re-Animator is at its best rather silly, at its worst, just a little on the slow side.  Horror fanatics wax nostalgic about it perhaps because there's just something about those hypodermic needles filled with glowing green fluid that brings back fond memories of those Halloweens of yore.  Well, that and the action really picks up in the film's end sequences...a very merry zombie blood orgy for all.

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