Friday, October 8, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: The Thing (1982)

Alright, we've had some slashers, some fantasy, some films that veer more towards atmospherically unsettling as opposed to downright ghoulish; it's time for a no holds barred monster movie.  What's better than your average monster movie?  A John Carpenter 80's monster movie (can you tell my Halloween viewing is all about the retro?).  Specifically:  the desolate, freakish bad-assery one can behold in The Thing.  Kurt Russell stars as a pilot situated in a research station in Antarctica.  At the South Pole, no one can hear you scream.  Bad things are coming to light.  The title refers to a particularly hideous parasitical alien monstrosity that is, quite seriously, one of the only movie monsters I've ever looked at and been like "whoa, there, alright's time to run far far away...".  The Thing is truly vile, which serves to make the action and suspense top notch.   The Thing is one of about a million (well, at least 4) films based loosely on John W. Campbell's sci-fi short story "Who Goes There?" and is, ostensibly, your standard alien invasion fare.  Except, unlike the Giger designed Alien, a pod person, or your summer blockbuster little green man, The Thing radiates legitimate menace.  Anywhere the Thing is is a place that I do not want to be...

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