Thursday, October 28, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Thirst

One of my favorite films of 2009, Thirst is a stunning cross-genre achievement that serves (alongside Let the Right One In/Let Me In) as concrete proof Stephenie Meyer hasn't managed to totally slay the vampire story.  From Korean extreme director Chan-Wook Park, Thirst is the tale of a priest who, in trying to do good, is forced to reconcile with his dark side by a bad blood transfusion.  Sang-hyeon (Kang-ho Song) finds himself walking the line between feeding sinful desires of the flesh and filling the ever increasing needs of his spirit. It's a clever juxtaposition, and one that heightens the dizzying, brilliantly paced storytelling at work in the film. Effortlessly navigating through heavy dramatic tension, buckets of blood, eroticism, and dark humor, is a genre bending romance, epic in its scope and intimate in its telling.  Thirst exists where escapism and brutality meet, and the tale is brilliantly told in stunning, truly beautiful cinematography. Park knows how to use color and angles, and this film has a flair that makes it like no other.  While it's admittedly a tad on the long side, I love Thirst.  It's a wicked little movie full of compelling characters, dazzling sights, and twisted storytelling.

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