Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 Days of Favorites: Looney Tunes

The story of Love &Squalor begins many years before the fateful meeting of Wilde.Dash and M, long before the almost nightly movie marathons on uncomfortable and rank smelling dorm furniture and Sound of Music sing-a-longs. From the mid 80’s on, unaware of each others’ presence, M and Wilde.Dash were bonding with family, not over board games or a large family meal (ok, there was a lot of that too), but over the likes of Woody Allen and Walter Pidgeon. The holidays in said families were filled with the usual Christmas fair, but also with strange family film favorites and traditions. So hang your stockings with care and when your sister starts complaining about your billionth viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life and how boooooring it is, spend your 12 Days of Christmas with the movies that have followed Love & Squalor from infancy to bloggerhood.

When my grandparents started dating in the mid-1940's, my grandmother would purposely avoid seeing movies with my grandfather. Back then, in addition to your feature film, you'd have a few Looney Tunes cartoons beforehand and my grandfather would laugh so hard, get so red in the face, that he would embarrass my grandmother as people turned around to stare at them. Flash forward to the 80's when both my parents worked and my grandparents babysat me during the day. I'd curl up with my grandpa in the basement and watch Looney Tunes (then on TV), and laugh along with him as we ate grilled cheese with pickles. But it wasn't just my grandpa that would be sent into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. The quickest way to make my dad cry, is to put on "Bully for Bugs," the Looney Tunes short in which Bugs Bunny, whose taken the wrong turn on his way to the carrot festival, ends up in a bull fight. The Looney Tunes are the world's greatest collection of cartoons. They're nostalgic, educational (just think of all that history you picked-up while Bugs was in a wig singing opera), and nothing beats watching the people you love laugh so hard they pull a muscle.

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