Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Issues, Tissues, and Google Outrage (RIP: .com)

If you've found us now, congratulations.  Unfortunately, 2011 started on a down note when (just after setting up our new layout), we lost our domain name with essentially zero warning from Google.  Sunday morning, I woke up and went to post on the site only to find that blogandsqualor.com had apparently become nonexistent.  Needless to say, I panicked and called up M.   Soon after that, we were deeply entrenched in a morning of phone calls, frustration, paranoia, and rude awakenings.  Lesson number one?  Do not buy your domain name via Google's Blogger.  Though it may seem like the easiest thing to do, we have now learned that Google fails when it comes to what would otherwise be the standard business model for communication and customer support.  Google is simply too mammoth to deal with any of your personal problems, and would prefer if you rant and rave in their forums (or follow their FAQs) until they opt to maybe address your concerns.  Here's what happened to us:  In the fall, M. received an e-mail confirming that Google was automatically renewing our blogandsqualor.com domain name.  That was it.  Following that, however, we learned that on Google's end, they discovered the particular credit card M. had initially purchased the domain on had expired.  Here's where it gets simply ridiculous.  Instead of sending a simple, automated e-mail saying "hey, the credit card didn't go through, got another one?"  Google sent nothing.  No warning, not a damn thing.  Nada.  Nope, Google likely tripled the money earned on the annual domain fee (which we were about to renew for a much longer period of time) by auctioning off the name back door and never alerting us that we had lost it.  What's worse?  All this happened in November.  Apparently, it also happens all the time.   On January 2nd, we were shut down, learning that blogandsqualor.com now belonged to some dude in the Russian Federation.

So, thanks Google.  You've swiped what was rightfully ours, complicated out lives, and given us no one to call, no one to directly contact, just a massive, faceless, corporation.  Because of your inability to have a simple, secondary e-mail about the state of our account, I now have to spend days reconnecting all our outside links, fixing our feeds and networks, contacting the schools I'd just finished sending out my applications for, contacting jobs I'd sent links to, correcting business cards, etc, etc, etc.  Yeah, Google, this is my customer complaint.  Reparations.   I want them.   Man, I feel sort of violated....

P.S. - For those following us at Bloglovin', the link-up has been corrected (which involved deleting the old blog and thus losing all our followers, with no way of contacting them to inform them of the change).   You can re-connect here

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