Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under 250: Knight and Day

The nice thing about Knight and Day is that, in contrast to Salt, it doesn't take itself seriously.  As double agent action flicks go, this one at least has the decency to call upon some of the silly old classics and keep things frothily entertaining.  There's almost nothing believable about Knight and Day, including Cameron Diaz's face (she's looking real weird these days, guys), but it delivers its nothing with plenty of gusto and upbeat pacing.  In another format, Knight and Day could really work.  The problem is the casting.  Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise just aren't working together as the central couple, and while Cruise actually manages to be kookily likable here and there, Diaz is just flat out obnoxious.  Seriously.  She's overacting to such a spectacular degree that it becomes infuriating and you start to really hope that somewhere along the way Cruise will figure out she's more trouble than she's worth and leave her for dead.  There's a point in this film where Diaz can't seem to let go of the trigger on an automatic machine gun and keeps firing while spinning in a circle and screaming her head off in terror that may be the most annoying on-screen moment of 2010.  Why doesn't she let go?  It's a simple mechanism, right?  Why doesn't she let go?  She can't!  She's too much of an incompetent idiot!  'Nuff said.

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