Sunday, January 30, 2011

Under 250: The Other Guys

I like Mark Wahlberg best when he's trying to prove himself.  You know, when he's got this angry badger face and he's getting in people's grills and nobody listens to him because he's ridiculous.  I Heart Huckabees style; that's when Mark Wahlberg is best.  I like Will Ferrell best when he's reined in.  Not yelling all the time, not putting on a ridiculous accent, not playing the total fool, just an awkward dork.  The Other Guys merges the two best versions of these actors and delivers a buddy cop film parody that nails it without relying too heavily on one gag, one-note, or one member of the ensemble cast.  It's the best kind of big screen comedy event: quotable, cohesive, speckled with on-target cameos, and featuring writing that doesn't fully depend on a constant barrage of repetitive expletives or juvenile toilet humor.  The Other Guys are winners, plain and simple.  Seriously funny, but oddly quite sweet, this is a frat-pack action comedy that's high energy and engagingly competent, with enough legitimate laugh out loud moments to catapult it from minor hit to major success.  Would I watch it again?  Yes, I absolutely would

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