Thursday, April 21, 2011

Under 250: Paranormal Activity 2

I don't understand Paranormal Activity. The first one, I thought, was 'meh.'  You know, not horrible, but pretty disappointing.  The second one (which is a prequel) is pretty much identical except for this time there's child endangerment.  What I've gathered from watching these movies is that apparently my levels of empathy are just really off, because I can't access why or how installing a home video camera in a corner and having doors slam or actors stand still is frightening to so many people.  This is similar to how I am befuddled by the number of ghost hunting shows on cable.  Am I supposed to apply these things to my life?  Is that what's supposed to happen?  Am I supposed to think "oh, yes, this would be a really terrible thing to have happen."  When the movie ends, am I supposed to believe that it's entirely possible the sibling will be possessed and one day I'll wake up in the middle of the night and that kid will be standing stock still in the middle of the kitchen carving demonic symbols into the cabinets?  Please. That happens all the time.  Also, why are these people so invested in their video camera? I mean, all the damn time?  Their lives up until this point are really not interesting or worth recording.  Also, the way they talk to the camera is ridiculous and works to make its horror movie suspense pacing more tedious than anything else.  What I'm saying is that despite claims that Paranormal Activity 2 is the scariest thing since you chopped your finger off slicing bread, all I saw was a movie almost identical to the first.  The proximity made it pretty predictable which should have, by my count, made it even less frightening for audiences.  There's nothing new here but a few jumpy scenes placed pretty much just where you might expect them to be.  This is a moneymaker.  It's a quick buck for the studio with almost no pay-off for the viewer.        

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