Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Late Night Trailers: 50/50

Yes, it's Wednesday evening and this is my third trailer in a row.  You know why?  Holiday weekend.  That's why.  Besides, this one is totally worth a look.  Your boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt and your stoner buddy Seth Rogen are teaming up for a melodrama that attempts to touch on the lighter side of cancer.  Anyone who's seen Showtime's fantastic series The Big C knows this is definitely possible, and 50/50 looks like the film to really do the subject theatrical justice.  Levitt plays a man diagnosed with cancer at age 27, Rogen the best friend trying to help him cope.  The cast is fantastic, the humor feels spot on and smartly placed.  If all the pieces fall properly, we could be looking at a sleeper Oscar contender.

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