Friday, July 15, 2011

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure

Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure: St. Trinian's
Alright, so, I'm a fan of a lot of films that would probably fall under the 'guilty pleasure' category for any number of people (Spice World really is a delightfully odd bit of nostalgic comedy, deal with it), but even I find the occasional film I probably shouldn't own up to watching, let alone enjoying.  St. Trinian's falls under that subheading.  The UK comedy is a revamp of an older (more respected) film series and a modern adaptation of the Addams Family-esque cartoons of Ronald Searle.  Though it has an honorable enough heritage, this edition is a piece of girly pop garbage that cares little for anything other than causing trouble and having a raucous good time.  For those not famliar (my guess is that's a lot of you), St. Trinian's is a boarding school for "wayward" girls who are troubled more in the way a criminal mastermind might be than your average manic pupil.  These girls are the sort who bootleg their own brand of vodka from on campus, experiment with the creation of explosives, gamble ruthlessly, participate in art heists, and give local gangsters a run for their money.  The film, however, adds obligatory make-over scenes, a surplus of Girls Aloud type pop music, and Rupert Everett in drag as the loosey-goosey headmistress (did I mention Colin Firth and Russell Brand are also in this movie?).  The plot is dumb, there are slow motion scenes with the girls walking in a big line with purpose, and it devotes a scene to outlining the different cliques at St. Trinian's (Posh Tottys, Chavs, Emos, Trustafarians) in short making it 100% aimed at 14-year old girls and 100% ridiculous.  For whatever reason, though, I am so entertained by St. Trinian's and find it's the perfect film for watching while passed out sick on the couch.  It's like binge eating a bag of Sour Patch Kids or Warheads, the sort of sour sweetness that you know will burn your tastebuds if you eat too much, but you just can't stop... 

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