Monday, July 25, 2011

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 23: Your Favorite Mystery/Thriller Film

Day 23: Your Favorite Mystery/Thriller Film: Fight Club
While I've never really considered Fight Club a mystery or a thriller per se, I suppose it qualifies as a little of both. There's suspense, underground organizations, identity issues, to-the-minute judgment calls, and a string of unanswered questions running through its duration.  It's become a tad cliche to express affection for Fight Club.  I've certainly met people who've come to associate the film with some prolonged teenage rebellion or a newly developed interest in cinema.  In some ways, it's a sort of "poser" phenomenon in which those of us around since the beginning are now "over it" when we hear the unnamed space monkeys wax anti-establishment with their Hot Topic pants.  We have learned that we do not talk about Fight Club.  Well, Haters be damned.  Yes, I was one of those rare (at least at the time) female high schoolers who was positively thrilled when Fight Club's cult popularity took off.  Yes, there was a Project Mayhem pin on the strap of my messenger bag and yes, for years the film's poster decorated my bedroom.  Yet, in spite of all of this, while I've gone through long periods of not watching David Fincher's adaptation, I've never overdosed on the film itself.  An astonishing 12 years after the fact, Fight Club holds up.  With each revisit, it seems to change ever so slightly.  While some may have issues with plot elements or message, the fact is that this is a tremendously solid piece of filmmaking with electrifying performances, dazzling cinematography, and the sort of dialogue that's immediately quotable.

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