Friday, July 29, 2011

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 27: Your Favorite Film Starring Your Least Favorite Actor/Actress

Day 27: Your Favorite Film Starring Your Least Favorite Actor/Actress
I made up this question.  The original was yet another prompt asking me to pick a film from my childhood.  Since I feel I've summarized that extensively, I've waved my fingers over the keyboard and played presto change-o with Day 27.

Now...look at that doofus. Yes, I've used doofus because I'm trying to restrain myself and be as polite as possible.  Why?  Because I can't stand Matthew McConaughey for reasons that are really just so overwhelmingly superficial that they'd be juvenile to list (but I feel a few coming anyhow).  McConaughey is just one of those people who irks me.  I don't like his face, I don't like his accent, I don't like most of his movies.  Supposedly, he's one of the sexiest dudes alive.  This is false.  Patently false.  One of the most annoying people alive? Sure.  On any given day possibly the most baked person alive?  Eh, maybe?  Sexiest?  Please.  Anyhow, his presence is enough to make me completely disinterested in a film.  I'm not sure I can watch The Lincoln Lawyer, guys, because the fact that he's in it is too much for me.  When we look over his oh-so-impressive filmography, there are exactly two times I've not had a problem with our drawling beachy Texan friend.  The first was in Contact.  I loved Contact when I was in middle school because I suffered from X-philia, and here was a charming little romantic drama centered around the discovery of life on other planets.  Contact gets a pass, though I haven't seen it in years, as the one moment where Matthew McConaughey does not seem at all like Matthew McConaughey (if memory serves).  The other film I will accept trace presences of McConaughey in is Tropic Thunder.  He's in that.  You might have forgotten.  That's what makes his presence acceptable: absence.  

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  1. I'd say the best film with McConaughey in it would have to be 13 Conversations About One Thing.


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