Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 29: The Films That Depicts Your Life

I pushed this one to the end of the month.  It's a tough one, and required pretty significant thought.  If you'd asked me this in the fall of 2004, I would have immediately answered with Garden State.  That film has fallen out of favor with a number of its former fans, and while aspects of that still ring true, to really attempt to cobble together an adapted version of my life, one would have to remix roughly 10 films.  As individual wholes, none of these are identical to my split-life, 20-something, over-educated and (partially) underemployed, neurotic, state of perceived arrested development.  While there's no one film that is my life, I have devised an equation that would probably make for a pretty accurate master-mix of emotions, roles, and personality.  Here goes, good luck keeping track of the pluses and minuses:
Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore  (the disappointments that adulthood brings, tents in the living room, fiercely competitive, emotionally withdrawn)  
+  Kicking and Screaming (1995, in which life after college becomes all sitting around talking about the same pretentious things we talked about in college, but more cleverly than before)  
+   Annie Hall (in which I am not so much Annie as Alvy, and everything is killing me)  
+  The Philadelphia Story (in which we close ourselves off and give you the withering glance of the goddess) - three boyfriends at once 
+  The Last Days of Disco (where the dancing itself isn't key, but the figuring things out might be) - the constant clubbing 
+ Wonder Boys (which has already been explained) - the compulsive lying/dog killing + ascension  

+ High Fidelity (because boys aren't the only ones who can feel like Rob Gordon, in one way or another) - the list of exes 
+ Adventureland (I've never worked at a theme park, but sometimes it feels as though I am)  
+ The Science of Sleep (in which I am living in my head and seeing things differently) - the bipolar disorder 
= my life.  There you have it.  

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