Sunday, July 3, 2011

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 3: A Film You Watch to Feel Good

Day 3: A Film You Watch to Feel Good:

The Philadelphia Story may be my ultimate feel good movie, but I've already written enough in the last few months about my love of the film and the crush worthiness of CK Dexter Haven, so, I'll refrain from being a broken record and just say that I maybe identify too heavily with Kate the Great in that particular role.  Instead? Cue the Gershwin...

Woody Allen's Manhattan may not be the most effervescent of his comedies.  Many, I believe, consider it more of a drama.  Outside of its capacity as New York love letter, its focus is all fairly negative: divorce, crumbling relationships, infidelity, and a little bit of dating a girl of questionable age.  It's bleaker than Annie Hall, shot in black and white, and carries a heavier gamut of neurosis.  For some reason, though, it's a reliable secret weapon in my arsenal and a film I turn to time and time again.  Granted, I'm not really too too moody (in the 'i'm so sad' way), but I do tend to be happiest with a glass either empty or full of pessimism.  So, when I say it's a feel good movie I think what that means is that I find it somehow inspiring or validating.  Like, I'm going to go write a story full of dialog and also, look at this spot on my arm, does this look cancerous to you?

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