Tuesday, July 5, 2011

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 5: A Film That Reminds You of Someone

Day 5: A Film That Reminds You of Someone:  Cheaters Edition
I know that for this particular topic, I'm meant to pick one particular film and reflect upon my memories with it.  Since I've done this extensively in the past (that December series on repeat favorites is really messing things up), I'm just going to be blunt about this and say there aren't very many movies that don't manage to remind me of someone in someway.  Great films, crap films, it doesn't matter.  There's an endless list of movies I recall watching with a friend or family member, comparing people to, talking about, joking about, etc.  Some examples?  Rocky Horror Picture Show reminds me of a red VHS tape rented at a three person birthday party by a neighbor girl I barely knew, but later reminds me of a college roommate running about like Riff Raff and high kicking against any object tall enough to stand in for a grandfather clock.  Charlie's Angels reminds me of the DVD copy co-bought by my sibling and I, yes, but also of jogging the track in gym class and a game a former friend and I used to play in which we would choose which character we would be from ensemble casts.  When I see The Crow I almost immediately think of a college roommate tattooed with the film's logo.  Koyaanisqatsi reminds me of the boys in the adjacent dorm room who would crank up the volume so that all could hear its chanting while they got stoned.  Superbad is like watching one friend of mine split across two people.  Bowling for Columbine reminds me of two coked out prepsters of my acquaintance who invited me to walk with them to their dealer's. High School Musical 3 automatically goes to three friends present in an empty theater, laughing and dancing and screaming at the screen.  Holy Mountain brings back memories of M. and I outraged by a scratched DVD in her living room.  The Searchers brings back jovial arguments with a professor while Crumb will be forever linked to a young art lecturer who screened it while some of the other girls tried to flirt with him.  Juno reminds me of a half dozen people telling me that the character's mannerisms reminded them of me, my subsequently being supremely annoyed.  Bride and Prejudice calls upon brilliant moments dancing about it dorms wearing bed sheets, blankets, towels, and anything we could get as makeshift saris.  I've never seen J. Lo's Shall we Dance, but that reminds me of my aunt.   I think I've made my point, but I could keep going for hours.  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?  Wizard of Oz?  The Craft?  The Room?  Spider-Man?  Factory Girl?  Modern Times?  Madonna: Truth or Dare?  Anyone, anyone?   

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  1. The Craft reminds me of one of my fraternity brothers. We roomed together for a semester, and we must have gotten drunk and watched it about a MILLION times in those twelve weeks.


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