Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 7: A Film That Reminds You of Your Past

Day 6: A Film That Reminds You of Your Past: The Addams Family, Wayne's World, Aladdin, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and What About Bob?

Wait, isn't that basically what I just did for the last couple days?  Person, place, thing?  All of it in the past?  Yes/no?  Whatever, I sense there's going to be a fair amount of redundancy in the upcoming weeks.

In an attempt to avoid boring you with long, meandering, Proust-length ramblings on my teen years, let me answer this question with four important films from ages 7-8 and one not-so important one.  Gather round, boys and girls, and let me tell you tales of a first grade something:  Once upon a time, in a religiously eclectic suburb North of the great city of Chicago, there was a precocious little girl whose life revolved around her block and a half of friends, Tiny Toon Adventures, Disney cinema, and leaping merrily on borrowed Skip-Its.  In this land of ticky-tacky houses, life was a series of playdates.  Between playdates she would practice her cursive, yes, but she would also take in the fine film offerings made available to her by her parents with some frequency.  As children tend to, she had no qualms about watching the same thing over and over and over and over.
There were many Disney animated classics, of course, but at age 7 our heroine favored Aladdin and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.  There were toys accompanying the former, oh yes, so many toys.  A plush Raja, dolls, action figures, a genie's lamp that operated in the manner of a magic 8 ball, and so on.  The latter, though, had no toys.  What Roger Rabbit had was a hint of something dangerous: first tastes of sexual innuendo and a violence parent's hoped would fly over the heads of their young wards.  Did it?  No.  Never.  Instead, her friends would watch it in family rooms, basements, all perched on the neighbor girl's water bed, and whisper uninformed rumors they'd heard about s-e-x.  
In one basement, one friend of the girl's insisted they watch What About Bob? instead of these films. She'd grown tired of standard Mickey Mouse business, so it seemed, even when daggers bulged from eyeballs and toons melted, melted. If the girl wanted to sit in her friend's bean bag chairs (which she did), she had to watch her movie. Her movie was alright, but let's just say our heroine hasn't seen it since she was 8. Instead of Bill Murray, she went for a Paramount duo: The Addams Family and Wayne's World. Did she have a Scholastic movie tie-in storybook featuring Gomez and Morticia? Did her family rent the frustratingly flawed Nintendo game? Was she achingly jealous of the Uncle Fester t-shirt owned by a boy in her class? Oh yes, certainly. Goth love runs deep, you know. And Wayne's World? She can thank years of pre-grooming on SNL skits that did go over her head for her interest in that. At age 7, it was the little things: the "Foxy Lady" dance, the in-car headbanging to Queen, the simple repetition of "Party on" and "Schwing!" She watched it and she would beg for her Dad to rent it again and it would be hers, oh yes, it would be hers. Blah blah blah, and she lived semi-happily ever after, and such.

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  1. Great choices, for sure!

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit seemed to always be on when I was younger, and the same with Aladdin.

    I haven't seen Wayne's World yet (shocker - I know I should have by now!), but the opposite side of the 'Childhood' film spectrum makes a lot of sense as I think we all have films we watched when we were younger we shouldn't have been watching at what ever age.


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