Thursday, October 27, 2011

M's 2011 Guide to the Movie Themed Halloween Costume

Halloween has returned and so have I, back from my hiatus to share some movie flavored costumes for last minute thrift store shoppers, hipsters, and creative seamstresses/seamsters. ~M 

Tippi Heddren - The Birds
Get some glue, some birds, and a retro suit and you're set. For those not as skilled at thrift store searches? Let Party City do the work for you.

Igor - Young Frankenstein
A faux hump, black jeans, and black hood is all you need to "walk this way," just like Igor in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein. Visit your local butcher and get your very own brain to put in a jar. Just don't forget to write "Abnormal" or "Abby Normal" on the front with some masking tape.

Lisbeth Salander- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Easily one of film and literatures' biggest bad-asses, Lisbeth Salander is easy to do with some black clothes + big boots + real/faux piercings + black + more black + even more black.

Guy Montag - Fahrenheit 451
Maximize the black you bought for that Igor costume and behind the scenes theater work. Paired with a copy of his favorite classic and classic 60's hat, it's perfect for the new wave man that lights fires in women's hearts and cherishes the books he brings everywhere he goes.

Pris- Blade Runner
Pris not only has a fairly easy clothing look to pull off, but has make-up that just about anybody can do, and do fast. In this case, a steady hand isn't all that necessary to mimic her eyeliner, nor is smearing an issue half way through your party.

Rick Deckard - Blade Runner
Excellent choice for the hipster that already has most of these clothes in his closet and finds himself dating a woman whose memories may or may not be manufactured.

Romy or Michelle - Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
Don't front. You know this movie. You've watched it. And now, you and your best friend are going to live it.

And what are me and Mr. M going as this year?
Ann Darrow and Richie Tenenbaum


  1. I love this post, especially how you included two Blade Runner characters!

  2. LOL YES! i love your costumes! i wish i thought of pris! oh well XD

  3. What can I say? One can never have enough Blade Runner.


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