Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Future of Yes, Really pt. II: The Revenge

The holidays are approaching, which fortunately for me means a little more down time.  So, it's time to jump back into the Yes, Really entries and get to watching all those talked about movies I've never bothered with. We've got some classics, some cult flicks, some notable flops, some dancing, some singing, some pure insanity. Once again, I'm enlisting your help on this.  I've installed a poll at the bottom of the sidebar and am asking you to vote and cut out the decision making process here.  Choose one, choose two, choose three, whatever.  When the poll closes on December 5th, I'll begin the taxing task of watching them from winner to loser, and writing about them as scathingly as I see fit...


  1. Ha, did you vote in the poll? The more pushing for it, the sooner it gets covered.

    Yeah, I'm pretty positive I'd much rather watch Paper Moon than Wild Things...

  2. Oh, most definitely. Unfortunately, my pick is losing to the undeniable allure of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. If that wins out, I hope you will at least give equal consideration to Speed II: Boat Party.


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