Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Late Night Trailers: The Hunger Games

Guys, we're not on the ball.  You'll just have to excuse us for totally failing to actually watch the full trailer for The Hunger Games until about two minutes ago.  Don't worry, though.  It's taken care of.  I must admit that this trailer is more promising than I'd anticipated.  Something about the direction the casting had been going (with the exception of Jennifer Lawrence, of course) had been preventing me from getting my hopes up for any flat out dystopian sci-fi.  Watching no-name teen male after no-name teen male fall into line was making this into a sort of Twilight deja-vu for me, but I think I may be able to actually grant this a vote of confidence now.  What I'm digging, specifically, is the surprisingly spartan, bare-bones approach to the cinematography.  There's something that does seem to echo old school science fiction here, somewhere between Logan's Run and Rollerball.  If they can pull that off visually, while working with the strength of the story and its strong female protagonist, this could be something great. We'll know come spring.

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