Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post-Halloween Check-In

So, happy late Halloween, happy Day of the Dead, all that business.  We're late, but that's only because Halloween isn't really over for us yet.  Don't let our lack of Halloween posts this year fool you: we're still all about this holiday, guys.  So much so that at least one of us (ahem, this one) has declared that all parties occurring prior to Thanksgiving must be costume parties.  Hell, maybe Thanksgiving too.  You know what? This deadline may extend indefinitely.

That said: if you're missing our horror posts, go back and visit October 2010, when M. and I ran through 31 whole days of blood, guts, demons, and psychological scar tissue.  Also, take a minute to watch this excellent little animation from A Large Evil Corporation (no, really, that's what they call themselves) and continue to get high on fructose.  Nom, nom, nom.

Also, did anyone go out in any rad movie themed costumes this past weekend?

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