Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Late Night Trailers: Rock of Ages

The question is: do you buy Tom Cruise as a rock star?  I'm not sure I do.  Then again, Rock of Ages really wasn't made for me.  True story: I went with my friends to see Rock of Ages on Broadway, or whatever, and I have no idea why I was there.  Literally, I took one look at the music credits in the playbill and I was just like, good lord, I'm going to really hate this.  As you may be able to tell after watching the trailer, Rock peddles in a brand of 80's nostalgia music I just can't relate to. You know the stuff: the big hair music.  The cheesy strip club music.  The girls writhing on car hoods music.  Your Def Leppards, your Journeys, your Poisons and Twisted Sisters.  I'll give you ten bucks if you can't immediately guess which song basically closes out the show.  I mean, I just can't stand the bulk of this music.  When it comes to 80's business, I'm more of a New Wave/New Romantic, things that are gothy, things that are  synthy pop, things that are the Pixies kid.  I will take The Smiths over all of this business any day at any moment of my life.  Anyhow: the show wasn't the worst thing.  As Broadway musicals go, however, it would qualify as a very, very light weight guilty pleasure.  Still, as a movie there's plenty of opportunity for flashy numbers and pyrotechnics...if you can get past the obvious once the film is released next June.  

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