Monday, December 5, 2011

Under 250: Attack the Block

Another watched quite awhile ago...

We could call it, perhaps, the Super 8 of the council flats.  Chav kids vs. extraterrestrial beasts, with less 80’s nostalgia and a whole lot more dubstep.  As alien invasion flicks go, Attack the Block is a slick, raucously energetic thrill ride pulsing with action, bass, and Brit wit.  Like Shaun of the Dead before it, it’s a smart reinvention of a tired genre that mixes in a super smart, heartbreaking realism with its sharp-tongued pop sensibilities.   Over the course of a single holiday evening in South London, we watch the development of a band of teenage muggers as they move from simple hooligans to bona fide heroes.  The kids are believably a bit awkward, with a rough charm and rougher slang that makes them an amusingly unlikely front line for intergalactic warfare.  While their situation brings up broad statements on race, class, and cinematic expectations, the real strength of the movie is that it’s just pure fun.  I’d take this over most of Hollywood’s misguided attempts (Battle: Los Angeles, Skyline) any day.

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