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Guest Post: Don't Rain on Tryst's Parade

Our guest columnist and special fashion consultant Tryst is your one-woman guide to filmtastic styling, easy to spot on the sartorial street because of her excellent taste in tutus and expertise balancing in ridiculous footwear. With a degree in English and Biology, she is officially certified to make up both words and diseases, but prefers to make fashion judgments. While she does enjoy curling up on the couch with a movie and her English husband, she will be the first to tell you that pajamas belong on the inside…not outside…of your abode. 

As a musical fan, I am also a Barbra Streisand fan. When it comes to Barbra, I'm of the opinion that there isn’t a whole lot not to like. Yes, there have been many critiques made on her various performances but, then again, she has an extensive and impressive filmography. In addition to working as an actress, producer and director she is an obviously successful singer and composer, any of which is more than most can boast. However, these considerable talents were not what first enchanted me about Barbra...

I am fascinated by her nose. I know, not revolutionary, quite vain even, but there it is.

For a long time I was cripplingly self-conscious about my nose. The first time I noticed its largeness I was tramping about the mall with my family. I noticed a boy looking at me and, will now admit, I preened. Until…he told his friend I look like my brother and I was crushed. How could I look like a boy? And then it hit me, I share his large nose. That is the defining feature of my face and it is huge; not dainty and pretty like my sister’s but long with a small bump. This all may have been forgotten if my cousin had not added salt to the wound a few days later, telling me I looked prettier with my hair down because it makes my nose appear smaller. As a scrawny little girl trying to figure out how to be pretty I did what any sensible girl would do and spent pages upon pages in my diary agonizing about my plight vowing to have plastic surgery the moment I turned 18. 

Once I had cried myself out, I took to the magazines that were my pre-teen bible and discovered when one has a large nose you should never part your hair in the middle or wear your hair tied back any higher than the base of your neck. I immediately took to the mirror and started parting my hair on the side. To the exasperation of my mother, I stopped pulling my hair back from my face and became rather unkempt in my desire to hide my nose with my hair. All that changed when I saw Funny Girl on as a late night TV special. I watched a girl with a nose, a really noticeable nose, transform into a beautiful confident woman. Barbra had a similar issue to mine and yet she broke those cardinal rules. So I watched it again, and again. And then I started watching her other movies and decided maybe my nose isn’t so bad after all. Now, well, I just concentrate more on my fear of developing thunder thighs...
How to Get Funny Girl Hair:  

  1. 1. Spray roots with dry shampoo and then shake out the flakes with your fingers

2. Reserve one inch section along nape of neck and make a little bun, do the same with a one inch section that frames the face if you do not have bangs

3. Build volume around the face and the crown by back combing: lift a one inch section of hair straight up and using a fine tooth comb, comb hair from middle of strand to the root with rapid downward motions, then hairspray and repeat

4. Place socks (or loofah) just above the crown of your head (if using a loofah use a few bobby pins to secure it before next step)

5. Pull one inch sections of hair back away from the face and over the socks securing with bobby pins where the behind of the sock meets the scalp, make sure to use two pins per strand crossed in an x shape

6. Take out mini but at the top of the head and pin just behind the ear (this step is only necessary for those without bangs so you don’t end up looking to severe)

7. Take out mini bun at nape of neck and split into two section, braid each section

8. Take each braid and pin around head like a headband

9. Smooth flyaways with hairspray and a light touch and add any bobby pins where things feel insecure

Voila! you now have hair like Fanny Brice. For the pictures with this tutorial I used three socks so that I would have a really big pouf, however in the future I would probably use two socks or a loufa because the pouf is a little oddly shaped. I also did another hairstyle inspired by this with victory rolls.

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  1. You & your nose are lovely. Continue to sparkle in all your fabulous-ness! Thanks for the hair tip.


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