Monday, January 2, 2012

Under 250: Weekend (2011)

Is Weekend the gay Before Sunrise?  Maybe a little bit, but to say so that bluntly kinda sorta cheapens its subtle, naturalistic beauty.  Weekend is not a "gay" film or a retread.  It's a bittersweet love story; an effortlessly human drama in which two characters meet, interact, and alter each others lives in unexpected ways.  Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New) meet on one drunken evening and hook-up for what they both assume will be a one night stand.  What they get instead is an extended brief encounter, a lost weekend of meaningful conversation and realization before they each move their separate ways.  Their lifestyles offer tremendous differences.  Russell's friends are primarily straight, and he's not used to discussing romance openly.  Glen is an artist collecting recorded interviews of the men he enters into liaisons with.  He's exploring the elements of gay romance he feels are repressed by society.  While in some ways having a character who speaks the latent thesis works to make the viewer all too aware of the unfortunate stigmas associated with the film's subject matter (do we really need a character who reminds us that two dudes can fall in love like straight people instead of simply watching it happen?), Weekend gracefully sidesteps anything too preachy.  Cullen and New feel authentic in their roles and lend an emotional vulnerability to their characters.  The result is a surprisingly gentle love story made all the more powerful by the intellectual imprints these two men leave in their wake.

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  1. I cannot wait to see this movie, I missed it in the UK cinemas! Great blog, by the way, I love the posts and the simple, yet very stylish design!


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