Thursday, February 16, 2012

Late Night Trailers: Beyond the Black Rainbow

Beyond the Black Rainbow is the writing and directing debut of Panos Cosmatos, a mysterious figure I know absolutely nothing about, but whom I gather shares a fascination with the aesthetics of 70's/early 80's sci-fi in the form of Kubrickian whites and Jodorowsky-esque surrealism (with a touch of Ken Russell's Altered States).  The official line on the film is that it's a "Reagan-era fever dream" about a young woman imprisoned by a sinister scientist who struggles to escape her confines.  In looking at the trailer, all I can say is: damn.  I'm impressed and definitely more than a little intrigued.  The film is slated to appear magically sometime this spring, through VOD or a limited theatrical run.  Keep an eye out.
[via /Film]

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