Monday, February 20, 2012

Wilde.Dash's 30 Most Anticipated of 2012, pt. 2


16. Cloud Atlas (?)
Directed By: The Wachowskis & Tom Tykwer
Starring: Hugo Weaving, Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Jim Sturgess
One-Sentence Reason: If you're familiar with the novel, you know the scope and scale of this project promises either the highest highs or the lowest, most disastrous lows. 
17. Liberal Arts (?)
Directed By: Josh Radnor
Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Josh Radnor, Zac Efron
One-Sentence Reason: It's about college and it rocked Sundance, is that enough?

18. Stoker (?)
Directed By: Chan-Wook Park
Starring: Mia Wasikowka, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode, Jacki Weaver
One-Sentence Reason: This is Chan-Wook Park's (Oldboy, Thirst) English-speaking directorial debut...written by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller (say what?).

19. Looper (9/28)
Directed By: Rian Johnson
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano
One-Sentence Reason: JGL and Rian Johnson reteam to bring us a sci-fi story about an assassin sent to kill his future self.

20. Only God Forgives (?)
Directed By: Nicholas Winding Refn
Starring: Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas
One-Sentence Reason: A year after Drive, Gosling and Winding Refn join forces to bring us what will likely be an insanely stylized Thai boxing match.

21. Cosmopolis (?)
Directed By: David Cronenberg
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton, Mathieu Almaric, Jay Baruchel
One-Sentence Reason: The novel is DeLillo, the director is Cronenberg...the fact that the star is Edward Cullen can probably be excused.

22. Bachelorette (?)
Directed By: Leslye Headland
Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher, Adam Scott, Rebel Wilson
One-Sentence Reason:  A supposedly acidically nasty comedy about dreadful women cast in supporting roles on the big day of a 'friend' they routinely ridicule (Bridesmaids: the dark side?).

23.Byzantium (?)
Directed By: Neil Jordan
Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Gemma Arterton, Tom Hollander, Sam Riley
One-Sentence Reason: Neil Jordan joins the vampire game, Saoirse Ronan is pretty awesome.

24. Damsels in Distress (?)
Directed By: Whit Stillman
Starring: Greta Gerwig, Analeigh Tipton, Adam Brody
One-Sentence Reason: Whit Stillman's dialogue.

25. Anna Karenina (?)
Directed By: Joe Wright
Starring:Keira Knightley, Matthew MacFadyen, Jude Law, Kelly Macdonald, Aaron Johnson
One-Sentence Reason: With the exception of The Soloist, Wright's flair for the visually dramatic and ability to make twice-told stories interesting his left me thoroughly impressed.

26. Skyfall (11/9)
Directed By: Sam Mendes
Starring: Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench
One-Sentence Reason: While I haven't loved the last two Craig-based installments of the 007 series, I'm eager to see where a director like Mendes can take the spy flick, especially with Bardem and Fiennes in the mix as potential villains...

27. The Gangster Squad (10/19)
Directed By: Ruben Fleischer
Starring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Giovanni Ribisi
One-Sentence Reason: It's a Los Angeles gangster story set in the 40's/50's, I'm sensing some noir.

28. The Wettest County (8/31)
Directed By: John Hillcoat
Starring: Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce, Mia Wasikowska
One-Sentence Reason: The presence of nearly every buzzed about actor of 2011 cancels out the fact that Shia LaBeouf is in this movie.  

29. Attenberg (?)
Directed By: Athina Rachel Tsangari
Starring: Giorgos Lanthimos, Ariane Labed
One-Sentence Reason: Dogtooth was so thoroughly bizarre that I can't wait to see what else leaps fully-formed from Tsangari's head.

30. Frankenweenie
Directed By: Tim Burton
Starring (the voices of): Catherine O'Hara, Winona Ryder, Martin Short
One-Sentence Reason: I must have watched the original short film at least 20 or 30 times growing up...

Honorable Mentions:
The Dictator, Wreck-It Ralph, This is 40, Lincoln, Gambit, 
Safety Not Guaranteed, Cogan's Trade, and yes...
The Hunger Games.

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