Monday, March 26, 2012

7x7 Blog Award

I've felt rather on the outskirts of the film blogging community over the last couple months.  Perhaps it's because I'm just not the best at staying on top of comments, perhaps because no one wanted to hear any more naysaying on much-loved The Artist.  Needless to say, I wasn't expecting anyone to pass on the circulating 7x7 Link Award this way.  I was surprised, then, to find a tweet from Mette over at the delightful Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions informing me it was my time to step up and engage in the self-serving narcissism of this latest thingy.  It comes with guidelines, so bear with me....

 First, before I get to all the linking and reflection, I'm supposed to tell you something that "nobody" knows about me.  Which in this case could simply mean "internet people" and could be as easy as, like, my actual name or something.   Instead, I'll tell you that while film is an absolute obsession for me, it's a side project I take on out of some strange need to talk about it.  I love analyzing and criticizing movies far more than I love writing about literature, which is ironic and terrible because literature (reading, theorizing, writing of) is actually supposed to be my official first love, my area of academic expertise, etc.  I have way more books than movies, actually get paid to write novel reviews, and secretly loathe your unholy eReader.    

Now I'm supposed to talk about my own blog posts in these categories. I feel ridiculous doing this, btw: 

Most beautiful piece... 
Um, yeah, I don't really set out to create things of beauty here.  If we were talking actual aesthetics, I'd be inclined to pick from among my recent series of Oscar snubs (specifically this list of actresses).  As far as writing goes, however, maybe when I got all meditative on Tree of Life?  

Most helpful piece... 
M. and I got a ton of outside feedback, reposts, and links when we went all out a couple years back and compiled an exhaustive list of what we argued were the 100 Most Influential Films of the Decade.  It was impossible, things were cut that we couldn't agree on (White Ribbon, and I wish I'd seen Morvern Callar just a couple months earlier so it made it on there.)  While there are places where the writing seems a little clunky now, and a couple things I'd love to swap out, I still think it's actually a pretty solid guide to the early aughts.

Most popular piece...
While it has almost no comments, my crazy person rant on the super complicated, weirdly awful Sucker Punch has been read thousands of times and was (at one point) getting outside traffic from mysterious, silent readers who were using it to comment on similar posts on established news sites.  Hey guys, you know, I'm not opposed to comments, right?  Feedback is definitely appreciated.

Most controversial piece...
Sooooooooo, have I mentioned how much I really didn't like The Artist lately?  I should probably go back and refine that now that I have some distance...

Most surprisingly succesful piece...
I'm pretty sure it has something to do with David Tennant google-optimization or something, but my nothing special review of Fright Night draws traffic like whoa.  I'm pretty sure it's all thanks to the Doctor.  Seriously, I should start putting David Tennant tags on all of my posts.  I was also pretty surprised by the success of my contribution to the Double Feature Blogathon last summer. 

Most underrated piece...
I love making playlists and fancy myself as being pretty decent at thematically collecting other people's poetry, or whatever.  So, I kind of wish my movie-inspired mixtapes had a better showing than they do.  They're not just soundtrack rehashes, guys.  I swear.

Most pride-worthy piece...
There are four posts I've gone and revisited a few times and I suppose that means I'm oddly proud of them. The first is a completely stream of consciousness collection of thoughts on Out of Africa, the second is a streets ahead (time wise) review on Black Swan, the third is a conflicted dismantling of Sex and the City 2 (really), and the fourth is a rundown of my personal grievances related to The Blind Side

Now I'm supposed to pass this on to seven bloggers (in true chain fashion I need to point out that those who haven't completed this will have bad luck or never get married or something):

Maria Sofia of FilmFlare
Sati of Cinematic Corner
Joanna of For Cinephiles by a Cinefille
Stevee of Cinematic Paradox
Kailey of Mermaidens (she's definitely inspired by film!)
Lesya Hearst of Eternity of Dream


  1. I just read your The Artist review - interesting and definitely controversial.
    Anyway, I'm happy I made you happy :).

  2. Ha! Thanks again. It's fun to do these memes sometimes, shakes up the content a little bit.


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